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Meet the BPG team

Our team consists of highly trained, committed psychologists and psychotherapists. Each member of the practice brings a unique perspective and specialized areas of expertise. An important aspect of a working relationship is having a therapist that aligns with your needs. We welcome the opportunity to elaborate on our training and clinical experiences.

photo of Eric W. Bravo, Psy.D.
Eric W. Bravo, Psy.D.

photo of Barbara Traenkner, Ph.D.
Barbara Traenkner, Ph.D.

Teletherapy Only

photo of Raisa Manejwala, Psy.D.
Raisa Manejwala, Psy.D.

photo of Michael Bluestone, Ph.D.
Michael Bluestone, Ph.D.

photo of Joey Bravo, Life Coach
Joey Bravo, Life Coach

photo of Mekdes Damenu, Psy.D.
Mekdes Damenu, Psy.D.

photo of Ahmna Khan, LGPC
Ahmna Khan, LGPC

photo of Ellen Levine, LMSW
Ellen Levine, LMSW

photo of Craig Boatman, Psy.D.
Craig Boatman, Psy.D.

photo of Michelle Jefferson, Ph.D.
Michelle Jefferson, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Yan Ni, Psy.D.
Dr. Yan Ni, Psy.D.

photo of Maliha Malik, LCMFT
Maliha Malik, LCMFT

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Interested in joining our team?

We are seeking a warm, collegial, and forward-thinking psychologist or psychotherapist who aims to establish and grow a long-term, full-time career with us.

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